Rules and Territories

Thanks for checking us out!

We want to create a place where anyone can play whatever playstyle they want. If you want to PVP for high value military gear, or safely setup a farming operation to supply a trading post, you can do that.

Please read the rules below and then fill out the application. We look forward to playing with you!

Whitelist Application Process:

  • Read and make sure you understand the rules below
  • Complete and submit only one application


  1. This is a roleplay server. Be creative with your characters, give them some depth and reason to why they may react the way they do with in-game interactions.
    You must use your character’s first and last name as your in-game name.
  2. All players have their own playstyle. Respect the other players on the server. No personal attacks outside of roleplay. We’re all here to play and enjoy the game. Don’t be a jerk for the sake of being a jerk.
  3. Unfortunate server interactions happen.
    Please record or screencap evidence to support your claims, without this it is extremely hard to enforce any rules. Record if you can and take screenshots if you can’t. We are active admins and understand that there are two sides to a story but as we cannot see where, how, and what was said during an interaction. He said/she said makes rules extremely difficult to enforce with the current admin tools. We want to build a community with the best DayZ can offer, and we love members who agree. Disputes go here:…ssion/disputes
  4. If there’s a problem you can’t handle personally, bring it to the server admins. No harassment or bullying. If you have a problem with someone else, handle it privately off the server. If you have a KOS, or rule break complaint, please post it in the forum:…ssion/disputes
  5. This is a roleplay server. You can be whatever character you wish. However, we ask that you hold character and handle situations in the way your in-game character would. Remember that you are surviving the apocalypse. How would your character respond?
    -If you need to go out of character please use the text chat and use // or ooc
  6. Don’t use information gained outside of in-game roleplay situations (social media, stream sniping, stream stalking, metagaming to direct your gameplay.)
  7. We highly encourage direct communication. This can be via mic, text chat, or walkie-talkies. We do have a TeamSpeak channel as well, but it’s a lot more realistic when you chat in-game, and everyone can be included who is nearby.
  8. Roleplay that violates the Twitch ToS ( is strictly prohibited.
  9. No combat logging. You may not log out in the middle of a battle. Finish what you got yourself into.
  10. If you become unconscious, do not use the “respawn” option until you are definitely dead. This could be because you were shot by another player, fell off a deer stand, attacked by zombies, etc.
  11. No glitching or exploiting the game. Don’t bring hacked guns, don’t duplicate items, etc etc. This is roleplay- you have what the server offers you and no more, no less.
  12. Don’t rely on the player list to dictate roleplay scenarios. For example- knowing a specific user is online may lead you to run towards the location you always know they are in, and you could miss out on opportunities to interact with other players.
  13. Ask people their names, don’t use check pulse. Get to know other players!
  14. The territories and/or these rules may change. We’ll let you know if we change them. Revisit the server and follow our Twitter @iDayZ_io for the most current updates.
  15. If you are hostile and initiating on players in a vehicle, you MUST initiate via voice and direct text chat.
  16. If you are interacting with someone in-game and are on TeamSpeak, mute your mic.
  17. No killing on sight.
  18. There are no designated KoS or Safe Zones. This is the apocalypse, act accordingly. This is also a roleplay server. Hiding in the bush with a sniper rifle picking off new spawns adds nothing to your or anyone else’s story. Interact others in-game.
  19. If you intend to harm someone, you must first communicate with them. If you want to hold them up or ultimately murder them, give them a chance to make their own decisions and react based on interaction. Stay in character.

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